Doing things the McKinney Way: Celebrate the wins and grow from the lows – as a team, every time.

We’re creating a place where people are empowered to become better versions of who they are.

This daily mantra is repeated often at our offices – just ask anyone on our team. It’s a culture keeper that inspires everything we do for our clients and each other.

Our take on building relationships with each other? The grass is always greener where you water it.

Culture is not a destination, but a journey as we grow. We’ve cultivated a family dynamic at McKinney that we continually enjoy together by attending baseball games, movie days, horse races, polo games, charity events, and more.

Servant Leadership is the foundation of our culture model.

It’s a simple philosophy backed by major advocates like Southwest Airlines and Zappos: serve others before ourselves.

Julie Dunlap
Executive Vice President

“Start every day with gratitude and surround yourself with appreciative people.”

Tresa Dalton
Director of Marketing

“What I strive to do is continually shape the company culture at McKinney as we evolve through understanding what will make everyone happiest, from intern to executive.”

Giving Back

Our Why Wall is a reminder of why we get up and go to work each day.

It’s a wall of thank you notes and photos from charities we’re involved with – connecting what we’re doing in the office to something bigger than ourselves. From the handwritten thank you notes from children, to the letters of fundraising efforts, every piece of our Why Wall reminds us that no matter what’s thrown our way, it’s all to support those in need.

We enjoy creating win-win partnerships to transform our community.

Our strategy is simple – work with like-minded partners to find ways to serve others. We actively give back with time, talent, and treasure to clients, decision makers, nonprofits, and the community.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Leading as board members. Providing meals for homeless teens. Planning charity events. Reading books with underprivileged students. Walking for a cause. There are so many causes and charities that mean a lot to our McKinney team, and we love volunteering as a team to show our support.

We give back at every finish line we cross.

McKinney Capital & Advisory donates a significant percentage of profits to support causes that have touched our hearts.

The more success we achieve, the more power we have to make a lasting difference in our world.

McKinney team members are encouraged to develop our own philanthropic passions and are given a full workday of PTO to give back to the community every month.