Damian McKinney

Founder & CEO

License #00777218

call: p: 858.519.3248 | c: 562.889.2001

email: dmckinney@mckinneycapital.com


“If you merge what you’re passionate about doing with serving others, you don’t have a job—you have a future.”

Over the last 35 years, Damian has served clients in their commercial real estate brokerage and investment needs. Damian has managed the transactions for leases and purchases of all property types, totaling more than 2 billion dollars. Damian works with decision makers to leverage real estate and proficiencies towards bottom-line savings while protecting their interests. Damian sees McKinney as an extension of his family, and everyone at McKinney values his ability to calm the waters when they’re rough, and to serve as a guiding light.

Damian’s reputation is internationally recognized, strengthened by his deep understanding of the current economy and diverse experience in multi-market real estate transactions. After experiencing the level of care and integrity that Damian took with their companies’ real estate, many clients requested the same level of service in their individual real estate investing. Damian now invests in real estate on behalf of his clients. Damian is the expert at identifying value-added investment opportunities to fit each client’s needs. Damian lives his life for the sake of others. Whether working with clients or serving his family and the community, Damian’s goal is to empower others to become better versions of themselves through knowing the McKinney team.

Notable Transactions

  • US Freightways – portfolio management of 5M+ SF distribution facilities nationwide
  • Alberto Culver – portfolio management 3M+SF distribution facilities worldwide
  • Union Supply Group – portfolio management 700,000+ SF industrial facilities nationwide
  • Molina Healthcare & subsidiaries – portfolio management of 4.5M+ SF medical office nationwide
  • HM Electronics – portfolio management of 203,070 SF industrial & manufacturing nationwide

Awards & Recognition

  • San Diego Top 500 Influential 2016
  • CoStar PowerBroker, 2015, 2016
  • SDBJ—Most Admired CEO—Finalist 2013, 2016 & 2017
  • San Diego Daily Transcript’s Top Influential 2014<
  • Corporate Alliance—Carma Award 2014
  • Center for Wealth and Legacy—Inspiration Award 2014
  • BYU—N. Eldon Tanner Award, “Mr. Integrity” 2014

Contact For

  • Real Estate Brokerage 1K SF to 1M+ SF
  • Acquisitions $1M to $100M+
  • Investors $50K to $500M+

Charla Heimer

Managing Director & COO

call: p: 858.519.3500 | c: 858.229.5587

email: cheimer@mckinneycapital.com


“Doing business with spectacular, ethical people that will ultimately become lifelong friends”

Charla Heimer brings 20 years of financial and operational management experience to our executive team. She is here to drive revenue growth and sustainability by executing on innovative strategies and building key relationships. Charla is particularly talented when it comes to streamlining, organizing, and building teams to achieve maximum ROI, but also maximizing “ROR” (Return on Relationships).

Charla’s diverse career started in hospitality, ventured into professional sports, and expanded into the real estate industry delving into acquisitions, master developments, capital, and debt financings for both private institutions and public retirement funds. She then endured the risky startup industry with companies on the forefront of leading-edge software technology, action sports products, and the merging of participatory entertainment real estate developments. Charla has become known for upholding the highest ethical business standards and protecting investors as her top priority. She has an unwavering drive to inspire and motivate others, revolutionize businesses, and develop strategic tactical plans in rapidly changing environments to conquer any obstacle that is thrown her way.

Charla’s enthusiasm is contagious to everyone on the team and she has a gift for recognizing and nurturing quality talent. Not only does she invest her time and efforts to ensure others succeed but provides them with the proper resources to prosper on their own. She is direct and honest, but encouraging and uplifting all at the same time. Through times of prosperity and times of struggle, Charla has always maintained the highest levels of optimism sprinkled with truth and reality.

Awards & Recognition

  • Woman Breaking Barriers Award – NAWBO (Finalist) – 2016

Contact For

  • Real Estate Brokerage: 1K SF to 1M+ SF
  • Acquisitions: $1M to $100M+
  • Investors: $50K to $500M+

Lori McKinney

Chief Financial Officer

call: p: 858.519.3245 | c: 858.243.2111

email: lmckinney@mckinneycapital.com


“As CFO, I focus not on the bottom line, but on the relationships that create the bottom line.”

Lori McKinney has over 30 years of experience in maximizing finances in investments of real estate and portfolio management. She takes pride in providing clients with confidence in their real estate decisions by maintaining a fiduciary approach. Lori has been the CFO of McKinney since its inception in 2010, and in just five years, annual gross revenue doubled. Much of McKinney’s financial success is owed to Lori’s financial expertise and procedural capabilities.

Lori assists investors and owner-users in managing expenses, budgeting, and forecasts, as well as strategic remodels for maximum value adding in real estate investments. She is thorough and careful with each asset and maximizes value for future disposition. Lori also brings her financial expertise to the asset management team through financial forecasting and asset repositioning. She carefully prepares tax documents for all investors and keeps important dates for clients. Lori is responsible for everything that approaches a balance sheet or profit and loss statement.

Lori inspires the McKinney team to become better versions of themselves and ensures that team members are able to achieve personal growth and continuing education. McKinney team members look to Lori McKinney for her strength in leadership and calming presence.

Awards & Recognition

  • Winner, CFO of the Year – SDBJ, 2016
  • Finalist, CFO of the Year – SDBJ, 2015

Certifications & Affiliations

  • Tax preparation — Certification
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Alpha Kappa Psi— Academic Group

Contact For

  • Ensuring Confidence in Real Estate Decisions
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Asset Management to Add Value
  • Dynamic Team Building

Julie Dunlap

Executive Vice President, Corporate Services

License #01243401

call: p: 858.519.3247 | c: 858.229.5597

email: jdunlap@mckinneycapital.com


“Dunlap 101: Start every day with gratitude and surround yourself with appreciative people.”

For over 17 years, Julie has been the spark plug of McKinney. She is the central force that ignites all parties involved toward successful execution. Her electrifying personality can be witnessed daily as she fires up, leads, and inspires. She facilitates McKinney transactions across the finish line. She builds transactional teams to be as in sync and fluid as a Nascar team. Julie carefully considers time, speed, and safety on all cylinders. She develops teams with a calculated pit-crew strategy giving each team member a specific role (site and lease negotiations, market and economic forecasting research, and acquisition/disposition analytics).

Until recently, Julie would have been considered the driver of the car. Her role now is more of a Crew Chief driving from an aerial view and overseeing the action plan and progression. She sparks the up-and-coming next generation of McKinney so they can maneuver all aspects of a transaction. Julie’s objective is to provide clients the ability to feel like they are owners of a Nascar team rather than just another business transaction. She provides confidence to clients that they have the best talent representing their name and executing on their goals while comfortably watching from their owner’s box.

Notable Transactions

  • Christie Parker & Hale, 42,112 SF Class “A” office, Total Savings / Concessions $8.4M
  • Neighborhood House Association, 12,100 SF Kitchen and Office Facility
  • The Cannery at Iwilei, Honolulu, HI, 100,000 SF office/industrial project (acquisition, property management, asset management & disposition)
  • Airport Center, Honolulu HI 165,000 SF Class “B” office project (acquisition, property management, asset management & disposition)

Partial List of Clients Served

  • One Reverse Mortgage
  • Neighborhood House Association
  • Union Supply Company
  • The Harbor Club
  • MMW Inglewood
  • Nikkiso, DMA Corporation
  • Dewitt
  • Technology Assurance Group
  • Zeeto Media
  • Gunderson Dettmer
  • Ocean Aero

Contact For

  • Multi-Location Corporate Services
  • Real Estate Brokerage: 1K SF to 1M+ SF
  • Acquisitions: $5M to $100M+

Jamie Keller

Executive Vice President, Corporate Services

License #01249255

call: p: 714.448.9164 | c: 858.519.3259

email: jkeller@mckinneycapital.com


“Let’s find the opportunity hidden in your challenge.”

Jamie Keller complements McKinney with over 20 years of commercial real estate experience. Jamie’s greatest strengths lie in asset management, property management, and lease administration. From 2000 to present, Jamie has been responsible for assisting clients with site identification, market studies, site negotiations, lease document preparation, preliminary lease language review, client and broker relations, and lease administration including addressing our client’s property management concerns.

Jamie has been a constant companion to many of our corporate clients, including participation in weekly meetings and strategy. Clients become like family to Jamie and she fiercely defends their interests. Her investment in the success of McKinney’s clients motivates her to work long hours to ensure critical timelines are met. Jamie and her team’s organizational skills and technical acumen have helped her manage her client’s growth, especially during seasons of rapid expansion or contraction. Jamie’s willingness to take ownership, her organic approach to problem-solving, and her ability to think creatively have contributed to the growth of the real estate portfolios of McKinney’s clients.

Notable Transactions

  • 188,000 SF office lease transaction in Long Beach, CA ($29M total consideration)
  • 626,000 SF sale leaseback transaction in Long Beach, CA and Columbus, OH ($158,626,000 transaction)
  • 200,000 SF industrial warehouse lease transaction in Rancho Dominguez, CA ($3.4 Million total consideration)
  • 200,000 SF industrial warehouse lease transaction in Visalia, CA ($4.3M total consideration)
  • 150,000 SF industrial warehouse lease transaction in Columbus, OH ($4.5M total consideration)
  • 100,000 SF office lease in Bothell, WA ($12M total consideration)
  • Nationally, Jamie has been involved in major transactions in California, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Louisiana, Maine, Virginia, Washington D.C., New Jersey, Utah, Illinois, South Carolina, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

Partial List of Clients Served

  • Molina Healthcare, Inc.
  • Alberto Culver
  • The Comex Group
  • Union Supply Company
  • CP&H
  • Vista Community Clinic
  • Ernest Packaging Solutions
  • Union Pacific Railroad
  • Hertz
  • HM Electronics
  • Columbia College
  • Webster
  • Inland Star
  • KIK
  • NAL

Contact For

  • Corporate Real Estate Strategy
  • Sourcing Your Ideal Workspace in Any Market
  • Healthcare Real Estate Services

William Mayer

Chief Legal Officer

call: p: 858.519.3249

email: wmayer@mckinneycapital.com


“Be kind to your classmates.”

As McKinney’s Chief Legal Officer, William advises experienced investment teams who are targeting value-add and off-market hotel, industrial, office, and multifamily properties ranging from $5 million to $250 million, including all types of financing.

William provides strategic legal direction to prevent and/or mitigate legal exposure and informs executives regarding legal risks. He manages complex legal transactional and litigation issues and participates in merger, acquisition, and divestiture activities. William also reviews and participates in negotiations of major agreements and transactions, collaborates with other lawyers and fiduciaries both in the US and internationally, and manages outside legal service providers. WIlliam provides legal training to McKinney employees as needed to ensure that our investors’ and clients’ best interests are always protected.

Contact For

  • Legal Inquiries

Nour-Dean Anakar

Director, International Business Development

call: p: 858.519.3252 | c: 858.717.2417

email: nanakar@mckinneycapital.com


“It is great to develop a successful business, but a truly great business is one we develop to enable all others involved to become greatly successful.”

Nour–Dean joins McKinney with 28 years of experience and a successful track record in leading the development and management of top-ranked gaming and hospitality operations and other successful ventures in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. Nour-Dean contributes a high level of international collaboration to the entire McKinney team.

His expertise and global connections allow the McKinney team to reach additional opportunities and assist our clients on an international platform. His services and successes include: identifying not only the right international country to host your enterprise but the unique opportunity in that country to take advantage of.

Nour-Dean is a seasoned expert in areas of development that are equally if not essentially important on an international basis. He has developed market studies, feasibility studies, and financial structures; in addition to having the diplomatic expertise with foreign governments to ensure the project both commences and finishes successfully at all levels.

Nour-Dean is fluent in Spanish, Arabic, French, and English.

Notable Transactions

  • Developed and managed Hilton International Gaming and hospitality properties throughout South America
  • Developed and operated hotels, resorts, restaurants, and clubs nationwide in the USA
  • Developed, financed, and operated gaming operations in the United States, Europe, and Mexico

Professional Development Organizations

  • Global Gaming Association – Member
  • World Lottery Association – Certified Member
  • American Hotel Association – Certified Member
  • Public Gaming Institution – Member
  • CIBELAE – Certified Member

Contact For

  • International Business Development
  • Strategic Investment Opportunities
  • Raising Capital for Co-Investments
  • Portfolio Strategy & Management
  • Asset Management

Renato Alesiani

Director of Hotel Operations

call: p: 858.519.3513 | c: 760.845.4123

email: ralesiani@mckinneycapital.com


“I am driven by the desire to make a positive difference in the lives I touch and the communities I serve.”

Renato Alesiani joins McKinney bringing 30 years of managerial experience in hotels, cruise ships and senior housing environment, with strong emphasis in luxury markets.

As a graduate of the Italian Army Artillery Academy, Renato is well known and respected for his leadership qualities and crisis management abilities. Renato has led as many as 3,000 employees and was directly responsible for operations generating over $100M in yearly revenues. Renato’s extensive operational background, most recently the CEO for a hotel management company, allows him to provide a deeper insight in hotel evaluation, acquisition, and disposition, providing credibility and expertise throughout the entire process.

Renato contributes a high level of investment and financial analysis expertise to the McKinney team. He has been involved in several new developments, from ground up to asset stabilization, as well as acquisition and disposition of more than a dozen assets. Renato specializes in every aspect of the transaction operations, market analysis, asset management, launch and repositioning. Renato is fluent in Italian and Spanish and conversational in French. Renato has visited over 100 countries and lived in Italy and Australia prior to moving the United States.

Relevant Experience

  • Intimately involved in 6 ground-up development in hospitality and senior housing
  • Responsible for 13 senior housing operations and over $100M in revenue
  • Started new Hotel Management company as CEO
  • Managed two Hilton hotels with over 300 employees and $35M in revenue
  • Background includes working for prestigious brands such as Cunard Cruise Line and Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts.

Awards & Recognition

  • Executive Director of the Year—Aegis Living
  • Entrepreneur of the Year—Aegis Living
  • Turn-Around Community of the Year—Aegis Living (x2)

Contact For

  • Hotel Management
  • Hospitality Services
  • Valuation & Advisory
  • Asset Management

Philip Aitken

Director of Business Development

License #01208481

call: p: 858.519.3504 | c: 858.229.5586

email: paitken@mckinneycapital.com


“Great investment opportunities are created, not found.”

Phil Aitken brings 23 years of experience in real estate brokerage and investments to the McKinney team. After pursuing independent investment projects over the last decade, Phil has returned to the McKinney team with a deep level of entrepreneurial and investment insight required to propel its business development strategy forward. An expert at modeling and analyzing data to identify the best candidates for healthy returns and minimal risk, Phil bridges the gap between capital and advisory services to better serve our clients every day.

Contact For

  • Corporate Services
  • Portfolio Administration
  • Tenant Representation
  • Property & Asset Management
  • Capital & Investments

Chris Ly

Director of Alternative Investments

call: p: 858.519.3257 | c: 972.998.1041

email: cly@mckinneycapital.com


“Dream often and dream big, but more importantly chase after your dreams”

My mission in life is to make a real impact in people’s lives and serve as a trusted advisor and thought leader in the real estate alternative investments space from gaining hands-on operational experience founding eight diverse companies. After graduating with three degrees in finance, real estate, and entrepreneurship, I became a commercial real estate appraiser specializing in market valuation of industrial, retail, convenience stores, and other types of commercial real estate. After realizing that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, I started a Jimmy Johns, a large sandwich franchise, in Houston, TX. Within the first 2 years, it became the highest grossing store in Houston at $1.2M, which ranked within the top 10% for the franchise nationally.

From there, I had a decision to make – either open more Jimmy Johns, or pursue my true passion, real estate, which I grew up watching my family doing since I was five years old. I think finding what will make you happy in your career is such an important piece that everyone should find. So, in 2012, I recognized an opportunity and dove in during the height of the financial collapse – it was the lowest that home values had been in 30 years. I started a real estate investment company in Dallas, TX where I utilized hard money lending tools to go purchase distressed assets, fix them up, and rent them out to tenants. I built a portfolio of about 14 homes in Dallas that I still own that are valued at about $2.5M, and started a group exercise gym there as well called Performance Group Xercise.

After selling my Jimmy Johns store, I decided it was time for a new adventure, which led me to move across the US to California, where I met the McKinney family. My focus at McKinney is not only the alternative investment opportunities, but any value-add commercial real estate opportunities, and bridge the gap between industry players and Wall Street-like investors. We accomplish this by acquiring properties and building sustainable relationships with tenants to for us to grow as they do.

Notable Valuation Projects

  • Portfolio of all 36 Franklin Bank Branches across Texas for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
  • FedEx’s 94,500 square foot distribution facility in Birmingham, Alabama
  • Portfolio of all 32 Applebee’s restaurants for the entire Houston Area
  • Proposed Development 110,000 square foot Wal-Mart distribution plant in Seagram, Texas

Brandon Burns

Director of Capital Investments

call: p: 858.519.3510 | c: 214.280.0908

email: bburns@mckinneycapital.com


“Building generational wealth with purpose.”

Brandon Burns is the Director of Capital Investments for McKinney Capital & Advisory, focusing on providing family offices and affluent individuals access to investments in commercial real estate.

Brandon’s investment strategy focuses on real asset investment opportunities that show potential for above-market returns as a result of their exposure to future changes in underlying demand resulting from wider socio-economic factors, arbitrage opportunities in the market, or potential to benefit from permanent structural changes or government policy shift. He recently ran the capital team for a Dallas real estate developer which raised over $100 million during his tenure, was part of the team that raised $6 billion dollars for Behringer Harvard real estate offerings, and was instrumental in raising $18 billion for American Realty Capital real estate offerings. His expertise is in the multifamily, hospitality, retail and industrial sectors of real estate.

Brandon has undergraduate degrees in Finance and Real Estate from Baylor University, and is currently completing his MBA.

Contact For

  • Raising Capital for Co-Investments
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Investor Relations
  • Capital Market Services

Andrew Meyers

Senior Advisor

License #01239760

call: p: 858.519.3242 | c: 858.243.7780

email: ameyers@mckinneycapital.com

“Our only agenda is our client’s agenda, and fulfillment for us comes from seeing clients’ fulfillment of their goals.”

Andrew Meyers has over 34 years of experience in commercial real estate brokerage and is McKinney’s “go-to” expert in 1031 Exchanges.

His primary focus is representing industrial tenants and investment buyers and has a special talent for medical real estate. One of the milestones of his career was handling a class-action representation of 12 doctors who leased and invested in an on-campus medical office building. In this transaction Andrew was able to arrange superior terms through combining all clients into a single negotiating group.

Andrew has a highly specialized background in analysis, market-based underwriting, due diligence, arranging financing, and raising equity. He has 20 years of experience with Argus Valuation DCF, and is a graduate of Argus Valuation DCF Advanced Training. Andrew is not limited by location or product type, having closed office, medical office, industrial, retail, multifamily, hospitality, self storage, land, and ground lease transactions spanning 18 cities nationwide.

Partial List of Clients Served

  • U.S. Government
  • U.S. Small Business Administration
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • US Bank
  • Koll Bren Schreiber Realty Advisors
  • Opus Properties
  • Emerson Electric
  • Pacific Medical Buildings
  • Harsch Investment Properties
  • Layton Belling & Associates

Contact For

  • Tenant Representation
  • Lease vs. Purchase Analysis
  • Buyer Representation For Owner-Occupants
  • Buyer Representation For Investment Real Estate
  • Financial Analysis & Underwriting

Calder Conrad


License #01987879

call: p: 858.519.3505 | c: 505.401.1211

email: cconrad@mckinneycapital.com


“Dream for big goals. Write down those goals. Be amazed by your results.”

My career in commercial real estate has given me a great opportunity to help people in so many ways I wouldn’t think possible. The idea that I can help people and business with their commercial real estate needs and help them make informed decisions when buying, selling or leasing commercial property. Commercial real estate is not about brick-and-mortar buildings. It’s about the vision and dream a property owner has and how they have created that into reality.

Before joining McKinney I was a retail landlord rep and tenant rep advisor in Albuquerque, NM. I enjoyed what I did but wanted to be in a more robust marketplace. So, I sold my house and moved to San Diego. After meeting Damian McKinney, I grew to understand that what they achieve at this organization and how they do it is profound. We have a lot of fun here and I see everyone I work with as someone who is happy be here and wants to help in any way they can. I feel like I’m part of a team who is passionate about our careers and engaged in our community.

Contact For

  • Investment Sales
  • Multifamily Acquisitions / Dispositions
  • Property Sales / Leasing

Tresa Dalton

Director of Marketing

License #02000357

call: p: 858.519.3253

email: tdalton@mckinneycapital.com


“Every day I do what I love – develop creative strategies and work with a like-minded team to produce results.”

I joined McKinney with a background in Marketing as a recent graduate and having held positions where I gained experience in digital and graphic design. My goal was to find a company where I could continue to grow my career and feel that my work had a purpose – which I instantly found at McKinney. The open and inviting culture at McKinney is what first drew me to this company and why I am still here today.

Over the past 4.5 years, I held multiple positions at McKinney from an office manager to assistant property manager to marketing coordinator where I had the opportunity to learn all facets of the company. McKinney has allowed me to use the knowledge I learned in my different positions to help manage both the marketing department and company operations. My current position allows me to follow my passion for marketing and apply my strengths in branding, digital marketing and design.

Through designing and implementing marketing strategies, my mission is to position and transform the McKinney brand as a purpose-driven company. I am inspired with the endless possibilities to continue building out the McKinney brand. Every day I go to work I look forward to surrounding myself with like-minded individuals who all understand the importance of the “why” behind what we do. I am aligned with a company with similar values that understands my innate joy for learning.

Service Specialization

  • Creating marketing collateral and specialized presentations using Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)
  • Managing our digital marketing strategies through our website, social media, and customer relationship management program

Professional Development

  • San Diego Chamber of Commerce — Member
  • American Marketing Association — Member

Celebrating the Wins

  • Managed a successful rebrand in 2017 for McKinney Capital & Advisory along with the Creative Services Manager including overseeing the new logo, creating a brand palette, defining the brand book, and designing new marketing collateral

Contact For

  • Corporate Branding & Marketing
  • Creative Services
  • Events & Sponsorships
  • Community Impact Opportunities

Sarah Mammen

Creative Services Manager

call: p: 858.519.3244

email: smammen@mckinneycapital.com


“I’m guided by my passion to create what is, into what could be.”

Life has had a way of taking me through some twists and turns that have led me to where I believe I am meant to be – and I’ve enjoyed learning from every adventure. During my childhood, I lived in Thailand for six years where I attended an international school learning with and from with students who were from 40+ countries. Experiencing life abroad gave me a fierce sense of ambition to succeed and find meaning in everything I do.

Fast forward a decade to my first year out of college – spent at a large global real estate firm. Working there gave me a solid foundation, but I woke up each day with the feeling that something was missing. I began pursuing a teaching program with the hope of finding purpose. While on this path for just one term, I was introduced to a position at McKinney. It was here that I discovered the meaning I had been searching for, and I’ve been here full-time ever since. What continually amazes me about McKinney is our culture: all of us are devoted to helping each other become our new best selves every single day. My coworkers empower me to push the limits of marketing, brand storytelling, and graphic design beyond the confines of our industry. The result? I’ve found happiness in a career that merges my passion for creating, and my mission to bring ideas to life. Finding inspiration in the world around me, I am always thinking about how we can continue trailblazing the McKinney brand to the next level.

Service Specialization

  • Graphic Design using Adobe InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator, Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Brand Writing & Storytelling

Professional Development

  • American Marketing Association – Member
  • Brand Manage Camp Conference – 2017 Attendee
  • Cause Marketing Conference – 2015, 2016 & 2017 Attendee
  • SD Regional Chamber of Commerce – Member
  • Adobe InDesign Ledet Training – Completed Course

Celebrating the Wins

  • Launching a successful rebrand with the Director of Marketing in 2017: oversaw logo redesign, brand palette creation, brand guide development, and innovative brand collateral design
  • Managing the corporate award application process over the past three years and securing Finalist or Winner for every award applied

Contact For

  • Corporate Branding & Marketing
  • Creative Services
  • Community Impact Opportunities
  • Corporate Culture Development

Crystal Lai

Project Manager, Executive Assistant to the CEO

call: p: 858.519.3517

email: clai@mckinneycapital.com


“Excel at doing your best, but challenge yourself to do better.”

Crystal brings a multidimensional background to the McKinney team. Her expertise in project management ensures the efficiency of all operations.

As Project Manager, Crystal multitasks in her support of all client accounts and guests along with managing the demands of the CEO seamlessly, no matter what challenges are thrown her way. She manages our customized client relationship management system to gain top-level insight into McKinney’s financial and transactional forecasting.

As Executive Assistant to the CEO, Crystal serves as a liaison between the CEO and both internal and external parties, coordinating meetings and special projects. Crystal holds an integral position at McKinney managing both the office and the CEO. Her exceptional organizational skills and quick thinking attitude allow her to fill the multiple positions and duties she is assigned. Crystal thinks outside the box often and expertly handles and anticipates needs as they arise.

Contact For

  • Project Management
  • Operations Inquiries
  • Recruitment
  • Vendor Relations

Diana Baker

Culture & Operations Manager

call: p: 858.519.3240

email: dbaker@mckinneycapital.com


“My main goal is to help you reach your final goal.”

I’ve always been in the client service industry whether in sales or health and fitness, whether a small company/startup or a giant corporation. I’ve always been in a role where I my goal was to make the company experience better, whether we’re talking about the team, or our clients. It all stemmed from working at Ritz Carlton where they took time to teach the core values that they believe in. It showed me how important it is to have core values in order for a company to grow. I joined McKinney because I really wanted to work with a company that mirrors my own core values.

What I strive to do is continually shape the company culture at McKinney as we evolve. I would like to understand all of the team members, from intern to executive, and feel out what will make them happiest. I believe we can all become the best versions of ourselves, but we just need help getting there. I want to give every team member the opportunity and skills they need to do so, whether they want to give back, or climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. My mission is to help others find and achieve their “why” – my “why” is making the world a better place for my kids.

Contact For

  • Streamlining Company Operations
  • Building Corporate Culture
  • Creating Strategic Partnerships
  • Fundraising & Philanthropic Endeavors

Tyler Repstad


call: p: 858.519.3258 | c: 916.878.8778

email: trepstad@mckinneycapital.com


“Driving transactions across the finish line with precision, collaboration, and positivity at every turn.”

After an eye-opening semester abroad, Tyler Repstad came home inspired to embark on his next adventure: exploring the exciting world of commercial real estate. 5 years later, Tyler has become the Indiana Jones of the McKinney – forward-thinking, energetic, and always there to save the day.

The world of commercial real estate comes with many unpredictable obstacles. No matter what plot twist is thrown his way, Tyler promptly readjusts the optimal solution, jumps, and lands cliff to cliff. Whether he is fending off a snake of the industry or discovering potential sites on the market, Tyler’s detail-oriented abilities propel him to find treasure for the client by the end of each movie.

Tyler is not afraid to venture the unknown. From flying coach (as an analyst scouring the market) to first class (as an Advisor piloting a transaction from start to finish), Tyler has done it all. As a result, Tyler has gained a deep knowledge of local and national markets that exceed the level that would have come from a computer screen alone. For every transaction, Tyler brings the same level of sincerity and determination to exceed client expectations that he does to his own personal growth.

Partial Client Representation

  • Union Supply Company
  • Nikkiso
  • Ernest Packaging Solutions
  • Center for Dental Restorations
  • Technology Assurance Group
  • Zeeto Media
  • Ocean Aero
  • One Reverse Mortgage
  • Arrangements Unlimited
  • Aqua-Tots Swim School
  • California Closets
  • H.M. Electronics
  • Digital Telepathy
  • Little Caesars
  • Fathom CrossFit
  • Oomba

Contact For

  • Finding Your Company’s Next Workplace
  • Oce & Industrial Leasing / Sales
  • Real Estate Brokerage: 1,000 SF to 1M+ SF
  • Acquisitions: $5M to $100M

Kara Pedersen

Associate, Corporate Real Estate

License #01279767

call: p: 858.519.3501

email: kpedersen@mckinneycapital.com


“Leveraging market strategy to create opportunities”

Kara Pedersen brings more than 15 years of real estate experience to McKinney Capital & Advisory, including property valuation, commercial marketing, and residential lending. Her past experience and expertise include managing a multi-million dollar portfolio of bank-owned properties as an REO Asset Manager for her previous employer.

Kara works closely with several corporate advisors, supporting the team in the areas of market research, business development, marketing, lease administration and property management. She plays a key role in serving our clients in multiple locations as she performs market analysis, site selection and tour planning with a national scope. In addition, Kara draws on her vendor management experience to manage corporate client relationships.

Kara’s persistence and tenacity ensure that all challenges encountered during transactions or lease administration are resolved promptly and adequately. She focuses on market research, tour planning, lease analysis, and negotiation.

Partial List of Clients Served

  • Molina Healthcare, Inc.
  • Pathways
  • H.M. Electronics
  • Union Supply Company
  • Vista Community Clinic
  • Union Pacific Railroad
  • Hertz

Contact For

  • Market Research
  • Financial & Market Analysis
  • Site Selection
  • Portfolio Strategy & Management

Dan O’Leary

Executive Account Representative

License #01970221

call: p: 858.519.3516 | c: 858.243.0313

email: doleary@mckinneycapital.com


“Motivated to solve even your most complex real estate challenge”

Dan brings 4 years of commercial real estate experience to the McKinney team. He specializes in locating sites and performing real estate transactions of all sizes for medical industry clients within the United States.

As Executive Account Representative, Dan is responsible for locating and developing relationships with cooperating brokers, negotiating transactions, and close-out functions for all account transactions. Prior to joining the McKinney team, Dan gained 2 years of property management expertise, having managed over one million square feet of medical office buildings and corporate healthcare offices throughout the greater San Diego area.

Dan’s background in managing medical and corporate healthcare office buildings provides our team with unique insight into the landlord viewpoint of each transaction, allowing us to anticipate potential issues and deftly adapt to them. He has been actively negotiating approximately 25-30 transactions per quarter across the United States on behalf of one of our healthcare client accounts. Dan’s calm and easygoing demeanor help transactions move smoothly and quickly across the finish line.

Partial List of Clients Served

  • Molina Healthcare, Inc.
  • Pathways
  • Sharp Healthcare (past)
  • Sharp Rees Stealy (past)

Contact For

  • Commercial Leasing / Sales
  • Sourcing Your Ideal Workspace in Any Market
  • Solving Real Estate Challenges

Colin Secor


License #02025104

call: p: 858.519.3508 | c: 410.236.1239

email: csecor@mckinneycapital.com


“Improving the self to better serve others.”

Growing up near my family’s horse farm, I learned that to win, you must work hard. Every Sunday morning, and most summer days, I would wake up at 5 am to go to the farm and help my dad take care of the racehorse. It taught me discipline and work ethic—values that have shaped who I am today.

Whether driving the markets to gain market knowledge, or researching prospective locations for clients, I strive to do everything I do well. I enjoy meeting new people, learning their needs, and helping them to find solutions because the space you occupy matters. The deals we make for our clients have a direct impact on people’s work and life experiences—the potential to make a positive difference energizes me every day.

I’m driven by my ambitions to provide for my family and support causes I believe in. Money is good for the good it can do. One day, I’d love to start a charity called, “The Every Chance Foundation,” to provide academic and athletic resources for underprivileged children. I believe nobody has more control of your life than you do, and I’m determined to improve mine so that I can better serve others.

Contact For

  • Office/Industrial Brokerage & Advisory
  • Tenant Representation
  • Market Research

Drake Thompson


License #02029563

call: p: 858.519.3251 | c: 619.339.9146

email: dthompson@mckinneycapital.com


“My mission is to empower individuals to see their true self-worth in business and most importantly in life.”

I was first introduced to the world of real estate through a former college professor who was a commercial broker on the side. Every time he spoke about it, I became mesmerized by the industry and convinced that it was the right career for me.

Having lived in San Diego for the last decade, I appreciate that this community has given me so much and raised me to be who I am today. I knew I had to find a company that would allow to me grow as a person and also give back this great place. McKinney Capital & Advisory allows me to do just that, and so much more. Everyone is going to events, bettering themselves, growing professionally, and most importantly, having fun.

I am inspired by the fact that there is so much to see, learn, and experience in the world. There is so much that life has to offer and the ability to make meaning out of it and share it with my closest friends is what gets me out of bed every day. My “why” is to create a future where my family can see the world in a better light through what I’ve done in my career and throughout the community. I want to be remembered for how I made people feel and for adding some level of value to everyone I met.

Service Specialization

  • Office / Industrial Brokerage & Advisory
  • Tenant Representation
  • Market Research

Contact For

  • Office & Industrial Leasing / Sales
  • Maximizing Workplace Optimization
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Market & Property Research

Eric Hamaguchi

Investor Relations & Government Liaison

call: p: 808.927.1983

email: ehamaguchi@mckinneycapital.com

For over 25 years, Eric Hamaguchi has been managing and designing value-add real estate. Eric acts as leader for McKinney in all Hawaiian projects and community relations. Eric has extensive experience in hospitality, retail, and commercial renovation projects and investments. Eric represents McKinney in Hawaii on all hospitality and asset management projects. Currently Eric is overseeing project management at the Modern Honolulu and formerly oversaw project management at Morimoto’s restaurant in Oahu.

Globally, Eric has been recognized as an instrumental leader in completing and processing projects that have a fair market value in excess of $800M. Eric’s has been active in the field of development in Hawaii and is associated with most major hotels throughout the Islands. His intellect, leadership, and project management skills represent millions of dollars in savings of owner assets. Eric has also traveled extensively throughout the United States and all Southeast Asian countries soliciting resources and assisting businesses to invest in Hawaii’s economy.

In his spare time Eric is known around the island for all the volunteering and charitable contributions he provides. He embodies the Hawaiian spirit of hospitality and graciousness.

Contact For

  • Investment Opportunities
  • New Business Opportunities

J. Patrick McKee

Senior Vice President, Business Development

call: c: 602.908.3442

email: pmckee@mckinneycapital.com

J. Patrick McKee joins McKinney with more than 30 years of experience in real estate, architectural/engineering and construction management industries. Acting as a Quality Control manager on many of the firm’s strategic accounts, Patrick is able to bring a best-practices approach to engagements across different industries, portfolio types and management challenges.

In the past, Patrick has served on Governors’ teams for economic development in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma, and helped author the Oklahoma Business Incentives and Tax Information Guide for Economic Development.

Patrick has been a speaker at IAMC Forums, IDRC National Congresses and its Pac Rim Congress. In addition, he has addressed the National AIA Conference and Yale University. He was a finalist for the Volunteer of the Year for the State of Maryland and a published author in Site Selection magazine. In 2011, Patrick received the Michael P. Hickey Award honouring service providers who exemplify the spirit of the Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC).

Awards & Recognition

  • Michael P Hickey Award Winner – IAMC, 2011
  • Volunteer of the Year Finalist – State of Maryland

Contact For

  • Business Development
  • Increasing Workplace Efficiencies
  • Commercial Real Estate Trends