How to Avoid Cyber Fraud According to a Former Imposter

Who best to convince us to protect our identities than one of the most infamous imposters himself?

City National Bank recently hosted a Cyber Fraud and Identity Theft Seminar. Who best to convince us to protect our identities than one of the most infamous imposters himself, Frank Abagnale?

Frank inspired the Academy Award-winning film, “Catch Me If You Can”. Now on the straight and narrow, Frank is a consultant for the FBI and had some excellent lessons to share:

“Technology breeds theft.”

We need to educate ourselves constantly to the dangers posed by technology.

“Never post your full-face frontal view on Facebook.”

The picture can be used to create false Identification.

“Old copiers keep every picture they have copied on the hard drive.”

Criminals love to purchase old copiers for the hard drive data.

“Never ever use a debit card.”

1.5 million debit cards were misused last year. It’s safer to use a credit card – if that number is stolen, it’s not your funds being withdrawn. Use Visa’s money.

“Establish credit in your children’s names.”

Children identities are the most expensive commodity on the black market. Who would think to check a two-year old’s credit – except maybe a criminal?

“In your business, it’s very important to have a plan before a crisis exists.”

Create a plan and the test the plan. Be sure an understand what you are protecting.

Identity theft is both easy to commit and easy to protect. Here are a few tips:

  • Shred everything with a security shredder. The barcode on that tiffany’s catalog has a link to your account.
  • Never use a check at a store where the cashier writes down all your identity on the face of the check. Checks also have your routing number, account number, and signature.
  • Freeze all your credit at all three of the credit agencies; Equifax, Experian. and Transunion.
  • Use a credit monitoring service and check it monthly.
  • Ask questions – training and education is the key to prevention.

Thank you, City National Bank for hosting a lively and educational evening, and congratulations to Gayle Kauihou for celebrating 30 years with the bank! I hope these tips are educational and motivate you to make a few changes to protect your identity.