The 2015 Inspiration Awards

“My whole success in life, I attribute to the people I’ve surrounded myself with.”

McKinney Capital & Advisory had the opportunity to attend the Center for Wealth & Legacy’s Lasting Legacy & Inspiration Awards in September. The Center for Wealth & Legacy works to empower and mentor the next generation of business, and philanthropic leaders in our community. The Inspiration Awards celebrates those in our community who are cultivating and living a spirit of positive social impact, and to inspire and challenge each of us to make a lasting and positive difference in the lives of those around us.

Our CEO, Damian McKinney, was honored with the Inspiration Award in 2014, and was invited to present this year’s award. Congratulations to this year’s winner of the Inspiration Awards, Jill McManigal & Danielle Gram of Kids for Peace, Inc.! Thanks to Kids for Peace, over two million youth are now actively engaging in a bullying-prevention program called “The Great Kindness Challenge”. Thanks to Jill McManigal, Danielle Gram, this organization exists to encourage our community to create a world of kindness, unity, and respect.

Denny Sanford, CEO of United National Corporation, was the Spotlight Honoree of the evening. Sanford has donated over one billion dollars to philanthropies over his lifetime. It was incredibly inspiring to learn more from him about his “give-back” mindset. “My whole success in life, I attribute to the people I’ve surrounded myself with.” These words resonated with me; they reminded me that I am incredibly lucky to surround myself with the inspiring and service-oriented members of the McKinney team as I grow, both professionally and in my local community.

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