Notes From Damian | A Calling is a Gift to Receive – Not a Goal to Pursue

This has been a week where I am reminded this calling to take a back seat is a gift to receive – not necessarily a goal I sought to pursue.

“A calling is a gift to receive, not a goal to pursue.” I recently attended a conference where I heard the preceding quote. It resonated with me and I have found myself reflecting on this point repeatedly over the last couple of weeks: what does it mean that a calling is a gift to receive?

What do you receive that changes your life? Maybe it is the gift of family, friendships, and faith. Or strangely enough, it may be that you encountered a setback that you realize later in life was a setup for future successes. We can all think of the gifts we received over our lifetime that impacted our lives in a positive manner. A friend who gives encouragement at just the right time. A special event where you were recognized for your achievements. A generous gift from a loved one.

How about the flip side? Do we acknowledge failures as successes? As growing experiences? As a calling to receive? Maybe we should see these challenges as a gift to receive which then becomes our calling versus what we believed we were meant to pursue. Can you reflect on a challenge you overcame and found the outcome inspiring? You may find that rather than a setback, you found it to be a learning experience you then desired to pursue further.

I am flying back from Oklahoma realizing the gift I have received by surrounding myself with exceptionally talented and inspiring coworkers. Back at the office, others are making me, and the company, perform at the highest levels of professional standards. I could have easily missed the meetings I attended in Texas and Oklahoma this week and left them up to my coworkers who attended the same meetings – they would have performed just as well, or honestly maybe better without me.

So, what is the calling in the gift I received from my travels this week? The calling I would suggest is learning how important it is to let others do what they do best and take a back seat. Once again, I am reminded of the power of servant leadership. Lead by serving others first. This has been a week where I am reminded this calling to take a back seat is a gift to receive – not necessarily a goal I sought to pursue.

Are you open to your calling to receive, versus what you thought you were to pursue?

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