Notes From Damian | Living an Extraordinary Life

Bring out the best in yourself by highlighting the talent in others through Servant Leadership.

Leaders recognize the extraordinary in the ordinary.

It might seem odd to say, “find the extraordinary in the ordinary” – why not the extraordinary in the extraordinary? Well, because even the most seemingly ordinary person has their own extraordinary gifts to give.

So yes, the person in the office next to yours has extraordinary gifts, and it’s your job to uncover those gifts. Bring out the best in yourself by highlighting the talent in others through Servant Leadership. Live your life for the sake of others.

Do you think Mother Teresa lived an extraordinary life or an ordinary life? Did she see the beauty in the simple fundamentals of life? Recognize the extraordinary by living a simple life with humility, thoughtfulness, generosity, kindness, and service to the community.

Ask yourself: why do you desire success? Is it for more stuff, recognition, power, and pride? Or is it to serve others, bring out the best in others, and celebrate the success of others?

To live an extraordinary life may be a lot to ask of you alone, but it’s not a lot to ask of you with a friend, coworker, family, and loved ones. Extraordinary lives are for people who desire to live their life “with and for the sake of others”. Think of your fondest moments in life. Were they by yourself, or with others? Sometimes we appreciate a sunset, walk in the park, or a long jog by ourselves, but most often we prefer to spend those special moments with someone special in our lives. The word “extra” in extraordinary could represent that extra person to spend extraordinary moments with.

Our mission at McKinney is to find the extraordinary within the ordinary opportunities we are dealt daily. Focus on recognizing the extraordinary in the ordinary and you will become part of the extraordinary experiences that life has to offer. Surround yourself with others who also desire to bring out the best in those around them. You just might find successes in 2019 you may otherwise never have experienced.

Notes By Damian is a new blog series featuring McKinney Capital & Advisory’s Founder & CEO, Damian McKinney. Join Damian as he dives deep into the core principles that have shaped his successes over the last 30+ years – from the Notes app on his phone, to your screen.

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