Notes from Damian: The Power of Clarity

Think about the stressful issues which seem to reoccur in your life. How can you address them and find clarity around the reoccurring problems in your life?

“Clarity affords focus.” – Thomas Leonard

The word which seems to keep entering my thoughts this week is “clarity.” Understanding the resulting influence and impact the concept of clarity has had on my life.

Where does clarity come from? How does clarity impact dialogue, the outcome of a meeting, or a relationship?

I notice after meeting someone in person, by phone, email, or text, they leave a residual influence and impact on me. Do you feel the same? A residual influence and impact with the people you meet?

As you engage in dialogue or conclude a meeting, the people you have met may have influenced and impacted your energy levels, procured thoughts of excitement about life or inspired you to embrace opportunities. At a recent executive group meeting, I listened to words of wisdom which provided me with new ideas, hope, and the drive to overcome obstacles I was unable to solve by myself.

In other words, I gained clarity.

This week, I had breakfast with two individuals who reminded me of when I was early in my career full of desire to conquer any task regardless of the challenge. In my 20s, I believed every dream was possible to accomplish. All I required was a dose of intellect, ambition, drive, determination, a little luck, and not to mention a strong faith. What I believed in my 20’s, whether right or wrong, is that I had clarity on what I needed to accomplish my goals. This left an impact and therefore influenced my decision to push forward.

Sometimes clarity comes from others and sometimes it comes from research, and/or meditation during times of reflection.

Regretfully, after some of my meetings, the impact and influence I felt haven’t been full of optimism. Instead, I had been left with doubt, confusion, lack of drive, and honestly a state of depression. I found myself second-guessing months of hard work, and during these times I lacked a sense of clarity.

We are provided the gift of choice. My choices are easier to understand when solutions are available and clearly understood. The reality is that solutions are always available when I understand the challenge. I may not always like the options, but should I have clarity around the challenge, the options are easier to discern. I believe we need clarity more than agreement or satisfaction regarding the solutions. Having clarity helps determine the perceived impact and influence others seem to have on me.

Do you ever notice when one person in a group has clarity before other members of the group? This person seems less stressed and actually energized by the potential problem as a solution and yes—even as an opportunity. Don’t you hate that? How can one person be confident or cheerful when everyone else is in a state of confusion and stressed? One answer is: Clarity.

Where do you find clarity? How does clarity influence and impact your life? Are you taking time to meditate in order to find clarity? Think about the stressful issues which seem to reoccur in your life. How can you address them and find clarity around the reoccurring problems in your life?

Hopefully this provided a little more clarity in your life.

Your servant,

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