Giving is the Highest and Best Use of Our Time

This trip to Ensenada, Mexico has motivated me to work harder so that I can give more.

There is nothing better we can do with our time than improve the quality of life for another.

This was a lesson I learned with past weekend with my co-worker Diana. We went down to Ensenada, Mexico with The Greatness Foundation, in partnership with Baja Bound, to help build two houses. This trip was truly an eye-opening experience. Never before had I spent time in such a poor area of the world. It was shocking to see so many people living in such meager conditions just two hours away from America’s finest city.

Many of our fellow humans in this area are sleeping on the dirt with only a tarp or plywood over their heads. I had a moment Saturday when I was nailing the shingles on the roof. On the ground next to us was the mother and infant child we were building the house for. It was a great feeling to know that our efforts were literally putting a roof over this child’s head.

This trip was an extension of the Servant Leadership philosophy we have at McKinney Capital & Advisory. Every day we work to help those we connect with become a better version of themselves. Our Servant Leadership philosophy extends to our clients, co-workers, and those in need of help. A portion of our profits goes to causes we support and I invite you to come into our office to see our “Why Wall.” This trip has motivated me to work harder so that I can give more. As a tenant representative commercial real estate broker, my job is to help you get what you want. So let’s talk about your needs, find you solutions, and improve the well-being of others. 

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