14 Resolutions for 2018 That We (Might) Actually Keep

Every day is an opportunity to become better versions of who we are.

We know New Year’s resolutions get a bad rep, and that’s exactly why we decided to post them – what better way to hold ourselves accountable? Every day is an opportunity to become better versions of who we are. Here are all kinds of ways our team plans to do so in 2018, from the hilarious, to the inspired.

Andrew Meyers, Senior Advisor

“My resolution is to get a phone with better resolution.

No, scratch that. Okay, here we go: My new year’s resolution is not to make any new year’s resolutions. But wait!   That IS a resolution! So by resolving NOT to make any resolutions, I’ve already broken the resolution! Or did I? Because it was a resolution NOT to make any, isn’t that really keeping the (non) resolution??? Oh, I’m so confused…”

Kara Pedersen, Associate, Corporate Real Estate

“Ditto to Andrew. And, start my day earlier.”


Jamie Keller, EVP, Corporate Services

“To find more balance, eat better and do something fun with my kids at least once per month!”

Nour-Dean Anakar, Director, International Business Development

“To do the very best that I possibly can each day.”

Tyler Repstad, Advisor

“To plan ahead better and be on time!”

Dan O’Leary, Executive Account Representative

“To volunteer one day (or equivalent time) per quarter for different organizations such as the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and the San Diego Land Conservation Organization.”

Colin Secor, Advisor

“To react based on values and principle, not impulses.”

Drake Thompson, Advisor

“To enjoy the little things in life.”

Brandon Burns, Director of Capital Investments

“To make new friends and find great adventures.”

Tresa Dalton, Director of Marketing

“To visit a place I have never been.”

Sarah Mammen, Creative Services Manager

“To add the combination of walking around the bay and listening to audiobooks (I’m big on multitasking) to my weekly routine.”

Crystal Lai, Project Manager & Executive Assistant to the CEO

“To train myself in three technical skills this year (could be anything; I love learning).”

William Mayer, Chief Legal Officer

“To be grateful, be kind, be myself.”