McKinney Capital & Advisory Hosts 2nd “Pitch and Partner” for Healthcare Industry Companies and Nonprofits

“Following the pitches, I was approached by numerous organizations saying they had already made two or three great connections and definitely saw many ways in the near future to work together.”

SAN DIEGO, Calif. | Apr. 30 /CSRwire/ – McKinney Capital & Advisory held a second “Pitch & Partner” event, April 23, 2014. This unique networking event concentrated on collaboration between healthcare companies and nonprofits in San Diego. The follow up event was requested by the companies and nonprofits in attendance at the first Pitch & Partner on October 16, 2013.

All participants were invited to bring a 3-5 minute “Pitch” including an “ask”. The pitches described their companies and nonprofits’ work in healthcare while the “ask” was a way for the others in the room to form partnerships. The “Partner” portion followed the presentations when participants stayed to network and collaborate.

Many of the organizations presenting were breaking into the public eye for the first time. Others presented statistics, facts, problems, and real life struggles that were unknown to their peers in the same industry. New ideas and products, including that of telmedx, were introduced as well as how others could use them in their services or projects. The innovative and solution driven room was alive with collaboration and partnership opportunities.

CSR Coordinator at McKinney, Rachel McKinney, remarked on the outcome of the evening, “Following the pitches, I was approached by numerous organizations saying they had already made two or three great connections and definitely saw many ways in the near future to work together. Knowing that we are making a difference in San Diego Healthcare by bringing companies and organizations together is why we do what we do.”

Shannon Stubblefield and Nicole Heesen presented for North County Lifeline. North County Lifeline asked for partnering services, funds, and a basketball hoop to better serve their foster care youth. A few minutes later during the networking of the evening, the funds were collected from around the room. “Last night during dinner, the guys at the house were talking about how much they wanted a basketball hoop. They were discussing this at about the same time that we were presenting. I am happy to be able to tell them today that one is on the way!” said Nicole Heesen.

Karen Henken with Savii Group commented after the event, “Pitch & Partner was a wonderful opportunity to bring together private sector solution providers and nonprofits in the health care arena in San Diego. One of the greatest benefits of this event was to introduce many leading San Diego organizations who may not otherwise have a chance to meet..This event is aligned with the mission of Savii Group, where we help organizations experience greater profitability while creating a new wave of corporate philanthropy through Pitch & Partner, McKinney creates a unique situation for game-changing connections to develop in corporate and nonprofit relationships.”

Partners for the event include: Savii Group, who connected us to healthcare companies and specializes in cost control programs for the healthcare industry, Neighborhood House Association for hosting and their work in healthcare through HeadStart to senior care, Emilio Nares Foundation which participated in the first event, and The San Diego Daily Transcript for their follow up roundtable on healthcare in June.

Pitches were presented by Neighborhood House Association, Foundation Fighting Blindness, Walden Family Services, North County Lifeline, St. Vincent De Paul Village, Molina Healthcare Inc, telmedx, Discovery Benefits Solutions, Core Orthopedics, TCOYD, United Surgical Partners International, Mental Health Systems, and LivHome Inc.

Listeners and collaborators who came to listen and partner included: Vista Community Clinic, American Lung Association, Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego Center for Children, CareFusion, Health Savings Associations, KBM, Emilio Nares Foundation, Sockeye Medical, Center for Wealth and Legacy, OurGenY, Savii Group, SDDT, and Race Guards LLC.

About McKinney:

McKinney Capital & Advisory is a uniquely client-focused firm that looks at the bigger picture when helping clients make real estate decisions. They are more than a real estate company; they care about the community. They operate at the highest levels of fiduciary responsibility and focus on the finance of a company before making real estate suggestions. Ultimately they are an “achieve your vision” company. McKinney Capital & Advisory represents healthcare nonprofits, Fortune 500 Companies, and private physicians and is uniquely positioned to bring them all together for the purpose of serving San Diego through healthcare.

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