Supporting Noah Homes

I have witnessed community support that is extraordinary

I have only been on the Board of Directors of Noah Homes since January 2015, and in this short time I have witnessed community support that is extraordinary. The idea of “Noah Homes” began in 1978, was formalized in 1980, and incorporated in 1982. In May of 1982, the 3.2 acre property with a three bedroom home was purchased with an option to buy the adjoining 4.8 acres of land and homes.

Today, the Noah Homes campus is home to 70 full time residents, cared for by a staff of 84 full and part-time employees. One of the areas where Noah falls short in the care of its residents is when dementia or Alzheimer’s enters the picture. There are currently no facilities in San Diego County capable of providing the level of care required at this stage of life. And unlike the broad population, developmentally disabled adults are almost certain to be stricken with these debilitating conditions.

The Board of Directors made a decision to solve that problem by designing and developing two new homes on the Noah campus dedicated to the care of our residents as they enter the period of their lives. In order to realize this dream, we have set a fundraising goal of $6.7 Million to design and build these two homes as well as retrofit our existing homes with the latest in water and energy efficient solutions.

We have made great progress in our planning. Through the efforts of many, our homes are designed and approved through the County of San Diego. We could break ground as early as this fall.

We have made great progress in our fundraising. Over $2.5 Million has been raised to date and we plan on completing the campaign before the end of this summer.

Please join us to celebrate our progress to date at our annual Summer BBQ & Brewfest on the Noah Homes campus on June 27th(

You won’t believe your eyes.

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