Staying Relevant: When was the Last Time Your Company Rebranded?

Branding, content, colors, schematics, fonts, SEO (search engine optimization) and distribution platforms – seriously, what does all this mean?

As I finally start to write one of my monthly articles, my brain is already on overload – branding, content, colors, schematics, fonts, SEO (search engine optimization) and distribution platforms – seriously, what does all this mean? How can any company – no matter its size – stay current? Consumers are bombarded with a magnitude of apps and have the ability to seamlessly switch between apps with such ease – which leads us to the million dollar question. How does content not only stay relevant, but captivate one’s consumer via its website, marketing content, and brand materials? As I delved into my research, I am now finally able to share a few of my findings.

Interactive Content: First and foremost, interactive content is widely impactful and can leave a lasting impression. Some ideas may be quizzes, surveys, contests, etc. Perfecting your content and creating interactive elements within your website engages the consumer and allows them to get acquainted with who your company is and what makes you different. Ask yourself:

  • What is your company using to interact with its consumers/users?
  • If you are utilizing interactive content; how are you measuring its performance – what are your key performance indicators (KPI’s)?

Create User-Friendly Content: With so many people on-the-go, a firm’s marketing content and branding must be user-friendly. This includes a firm’s website, signature blocks, letterhead, proposals, marketing presentations, and so much more. But, don’t let this fool you – you must not let the power of sending your company’s message get misinterpreted within your branding – be consistent, get your message relayed, and create user-friendly/easily accessible content. This also parlays into letting other’s (i.e., consumers/users) share your story. According to Forbes, users can be valuable assets by co-creating content or simply having them serve as amplifiers or megaphones of commercial content.

  • By letting others share your story, you create wide exposure to different audiences and provide market appeal to eager consumers.

Livestreaming: Broadcasts will continue to stamp a footprint to provide a platform to acknowledge a firm’s strategy. It’s important to note that broadcasts need to retain relevancy, intentional content, and the ability to drive business results. And, because the majority of users’ attention spans are only eight seconds (specifically Generation Z) (according to Forbes), it’s important that you create short-lived content while providing re-occurring/updated live streams.

  • How can your company utilize live broadcasts to capture consumers’ attention?

Integration with a Firm’s Culture, Values, and Brand: The creation of a firm’s culture is intertwined with the cultivation of the personality traits (both C-suite and engaging employees), the brand’s ethos, values, character, and defined company mantra. Empowering your employees to be brand ambassadors and serve as your firm’s voice creates brand awareness and culture solidification while allowing employees the individuality to express who they are and validate their role within the company.

  • What have you done recently to empower your employees to be your firm’s ambassador?

By the way, our company recently launched its rebrand. Although this was an immense amount of work and undertaking for our Marketing Department – the creativity and participation of all our team members was instrumental. We truly solidified our company’s message and culture that we are so proud to embrace. The best part is that we are already receiving extremely positive feedback from an array of individuals in many industries.

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts on the significant role that your brand and marketing have on its growth, culture, and employees. What are some of your company’s rebranding efforts? Have they been successful? If you have a minute, please check out our new website landing page and rebranding – what do you think? Our full website is in the works and will be coming soon.

Drop me a line and share at my new Julie Dunlap email address – Better yet – are you available for lunch or coffee? I would really enjoy showing you my new business card. I cannot wait to hear from you!

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