10 Blogs You Need to Follow to Amplify Your Corporate Strategy

Building an effective corporate strategy begins before any real estate requirement arises or transaction takes place

Building an effective corporate strategy begins before any real estate requirement arises or transaction takes place. It involves aligning your company’s vision with its short and long-term objectives. Here’s our collection of the best blogs to inspire your corporate strategy.

  1. Strategy + Business – S+B is a thought leader on a variety of topics including organizational leadership, marketing, technology, and sales.
  2. Delivering Happiness – The highly-respected Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh, blogs on integrating happiness and a higher sense of purpose into your company’s corporate culture to enhance its business model.
  3. Branding Strategy Insider – Perception is reality. Branding Strategy Insider is a thought leader in brand strategy and shares articles to help leverage your brand against the competition.
  4. First Round Review – First Round Review is a collection of insights covering topics such as business growth, leadership, and employee retention.
  5. Business Strategy – Not only does the Business Strategy blog discuss management and strategic planning topics, but it also highlights current legal issues relevant to businesses.
  6. Center for Executive Excellence – The Center for Executive Excellence guides readers on how to drive employee engagement and achieving corporate wellness in alignment with corporate goals.
  7. Richard Branson’s Blog – Virgin Group CEO and adventurer, Richard Branson, shares his experiences in reaching entrepreneurial success while thinking outside of the box.
  8. Business 2 Community – Business 2 Community is a roundup of the latest insights for digital, sales, finance, and technology as it relates to making your business more competitive.
  9. Bill Conerly, Forbes – Bill Conerly, Ph.D., analyzes current economic conditions to derive implementation tactics for businesses as they review quarterly performance.
  10. Innovation Excellence – Innovation Excellence is the go-to global resource for everything related to innovation for enhancing all aspects of your business, such as leveraging strength and design to challenge weaknesses.

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