Claro Walnut Tree Sets New Roots at McKinney Headquarters

“This incredible book matched walnut table is one of David Alan’s season showoffs.” -Justin Mars

We had a crazy week here at the office while organizing the 2nd Annual Holiday Charity Event, but there is always something fun happening at McKinney Capital & Advisory here in San Diego. For a while the employees at McKinney wanted to change the table in the big conference room, so Mrs. McKinney decided to do something about that.

The McKinneys searched high and wide for a table to reflect their company culture, philosophy, and love of sustainability. They went to David Alan’s Studio and found the perfect table, one with a story to match the company.

Mrs. McKinney saw unfinished pieces of gray and chain-sawed wood with pieces of bark hanging off the sides just standing up against the wall. Most would probably walk past however she saw potential. Not wanting to lose any of the beautiful features they brought out the natural movement and character of the wood.

After 6 weeks of handcrafted work the table has a satin finish with bold iron legs and delicate cast bronze butterflies. This piece is a perfect combination of the natural beauty of wood with a contemporary modern flare.

This is truly a local piece:

The tree that was used for this table grew up the coast 1.5 hours in Irvine California, and it is assumed to be 10 to 15 years old. The tree was planted in an orange orchard and its purpose was to protect the orchards. This tree was saved when the orange trees were cut down and the land was used for a business park development.

Today, this magnificent tree lives on and embellishes the conference room at McKinney Capital & Advisory.

Getting the table inside the office was the tricky part.

After all the hard work, the table was finally inside the conference room and almost ready.

“This incredible book matched walnut table is one of David Alan’s season showoffs.” -Justin Mars

More on the David Alan Collection:

The David Alan Collection is inspired from blending the great passions of David’s life: his love of art, design, furniture and a long-standing appreciation for third world craft and artistry.

“The collection has grown and changed so much over these past ten years but one thing that has remained the same is our dedication to making stunning heirloom quality creations.”- Justin Mars

More on the Claro Walnut Tree:

The wood that was used for this table is called “Claro Walnut” which is much more dramatic than other walnuts. The origin of the term Claro was first used to describe Old World walnut being grown in Spanish California, but its preferred modern usage is for the variegated wood now being harvested from grafted orchard stock. Claro walnut has a limited growing area – California to Washington – but is highly sought after for its figure and size.

It has colors in it, is typically much more figured, it has the oranges and the greens. It just has a lot more life to it than the Eastern walnut trees, which are kind of homogeneous and uniform in color.

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