McKinney Hosts a Suit Drive for San Diego Rescue Mission

This was a great opportunity for us to be involved in a larger celebration of giving back!

McKinney Capital & Advisory is active in our San Diego community. When learning about National Volunteer Week approaching this April we started brainstorming. This was a great opportunity for us to be involved in a larger celebration of giving back! But how?

When creating a volunteer or giving back plan it is best to start with your strengths… I know my office is full of networkers! They are great at getting out in the community and meeting new people, talking about our company or causes they are passionate about, making introductions, and doing anything they can to stay out of the office!! Therefore we decided that we needed a program that would spread best word of mouth, use little to no supplies, would not be limited to one day only, and use something everyone already has. Perfect… a suit drive!

McKinney Capital & Advisory has partnered with San Diego Rescue Mission to collect slightly worn professional clothes for the men and women working actively to get back on their feet. Professional attire of all styles is welcomed for both men and women. The clothes will go to help individuals working hard at getting their lives back up and running by interviewing for jobs, starting new careers, and even working but prioritizing food and shelter over buying new clothes.

Can you imagine wearing the same thing to your interview that you slept in? Much less have worn everyday for the past month? It is hard to get a job or feel confident if you are not dressed appropriately.

San Diego Rescue Mission has emergency relief as well as support for individuals stuck in the middle and struggling while working to keep everything together. Often as professionals we are bombarded by requests for donations to “charity”. This time we can give life to clothes we are no longer using just sitting in your closet. Give your clothes a second career in helping those that are actively working to get back on their feet.



San Diego Rescue Mission is located downtown in a renovated hospital building on Elm Street. The views highlight San Diego harbor and beautiful quotes and photos decorate the walls. For a place with so much despair they balance it with more hope and services.

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