McKinney CEO Book Review: “The Spirit of Servant Leadership” by French and Spears

“The leader need not have something in mind for others and does not exist to take uncertainty out of the future.”

“The Spirit of Servant Leadership” Shannon Ray French and Larry C Spears
Due to the fact McKinney Capital & Advisory is immersed in a culture of Servant Leadership my list of reading materials is often, you guessed it, about Servant Leadership.

My current book I am enjoying was provided to me by the co-author himself, Larry C. Spears who co-wrote The Spirit of Servant Leadership. Dr. Toni Barron, the author of many books on the topic, invited me to join him for dinner with Larry Spears who was visiting San Diego for the Servant Leadership conference. Needless to say, I wasn’t going to miss the chance to break bread amongst these gentlemen, my wife Lori, Sheri Nasim, and Dr. Barron’s lovely wife Barbara. To say I was a novice amongst icons at the dinner table doesn’t give the others enough recognition, my wife included in the expertise.

At the end of the dinner, Larry Spears presented me with his book The Spirit of Servant Leadership. Next time I will read his book prior to spending time conversing on a topic I am only beginning to grasp the true meaning.

Subsequent to dinner I have been enjoying Larry’s book immensely. Thought-provoking ideas such as:
“The true professional is a person whose action points beyond his or herself to that underlying reality, that hidden wholeness, on which we all can rely.” Parker Palmer

“The servant leader structures the engagement and assists in naming the topics. The leader need not have something in mind for others and does not exist to take the uncertainty out of the future. The wish of people to be forefront in the mind of their leaders, and have their leaders develop them, is a wish for safety that is unfulfillable.”

These ideas confirm we do not always gain clarity by doing what’s right, for the right reason and at the right time. Sometimes or maybe even more often than we care we to acknowledge we do not understand the “why” until later. This requires an element of faith which in return gives one greater satisfaction that one had the faith to proceed without understanding the “why” up front. These ideas are hard to capture in one’s business plan.

As I read more and gain greater comfort in relying on my faith, intuition and drawing upon my experiences, I will gladly share with those who have a willing ear in order to grow together in our Servant Leadership.

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