A GenX Perspective on Servant Leadership

I am so proud to be a part of a servant led organization.

I am so proud to be a part of a servant led organization. Due to the importance of this model of leadership within our company, I had the privilege of attending the 2014 Winter Servant Leadership conference this week with a number of my associates and it was an amazing experience. I have been fortunate enough to attend for two consecutive years and the experience is worth every moment spent away from my core business. Spending time in a room of 300 people who believe in more than working to make a paycheck in an inspirational experience!

One of the most interesting workshops I attended was “Stacking the Generational D.E.C.K.; Learning from One Another” presented by Olivia McIvor. The purpose of the workshop was to learn more about generational imprints and how they have shaped the way we think and interact with one another, as well as understand the ways individuals from different generations can work together effectively.

We had four generations represented in the workshop; (a) Pre-Boomers, (b) Baby Boomers, (c) Gen X, and (d) Gen Y. It was enlightening to gain an understanding about how each group viewed themselves versus how others viewed them. I walked away with a much better appreciation for the Baby Boomers and Gen Y population in our office and what makes them tick, as well as my own Gen X.

As a “GenXer” (yep, I made up a word) I also understand more about some of the challenges I face in the workplace, being a bridge between my older and younger colleagues. I walked away with insight as to how I am better able to engage and collaborate with individuals that have a different mindset when it comes to work/life priorities and value the experiences of those around me.

Having an opportunity to grow myself personally as well as professionally on a continual basis is one of the many things I love about McKinney Capital & Advisory. This workshop has given me tools and experiences which will allow me to do both.

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