When You Something with Your Passion, Results are Soon to Follow

I realized that having passion for what I was asking for was getting great results

In February 2014, the American Lung Association asked if I would be interested in joining their “Evening in the Sky” Auction Committee Meeting. I was honored that they asked me to get more involved with their organization and obviously, I indicated I was up for the challenge. At our first Auction Committee meeting, we discussed the 2014 Honorees, the multiple arrays of suggested items that ALA could auction off, and explored each committee members’ existing relationships (from restaurants that we frequent to places we shop). It was a fun meeting and definitely made me think that I ate out too often and shopped way too much.

My adventures began when I actively (on foot) went to approximately 25 stores asking if they had an interest in participating/donating an item to the American Lung Association’s Benefit for Clean Air and Healthy Lungs. At each store location, I smiled and gave my best pitch! I realized that having passion for what I was asking for was getting great results….either the individual took my stapled materials and business card or they provided me their corporate headquarters information for me to follow-up. Although I didn’t get any commitments the day of my walk, my first call back was from a boutique that said it was unlikely that they would participate, but the sales clerk would take my information anyway. Well, I picked up the certificate from the sales clerk and my “reward” was my story of “why” I was getting involved with the American Lung Association; we both had tears in our eyes and gave each other a hug. What a day!

If you have interest in attending the American Lung Association’s “Evening in the Sky,” a Benefit for Clean Air and Healthy Lungs,” visit their website at http://www.lung.org/california.

So, I ask you. What’s your passion? The passion and drive I experienced in my efforts for asking for ALA donations, are definitely traits I strive to replicate into my daily and ongoing work habits. Why? Because when one does something with passion (i.e., works, volunteers, and plays) results are sure to follow. Each team member with McKinney Capital & Advisory exemplifies this drive and passion which is indicative through our long-term relationships with our clients.

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