McKinney’s 3rd Annual Charity Event Raises Awareness for 4 Local Charities

The event was “sold out” two months prior with a considerable waitlist for guests to get tickets.

SAN DIEGO, CA, | Dec. 10 /CSRwire/ – McKinney Capital & Advisory held their 3rd Annual Holiday Charity Event, an exclusive networking event at the Grand Del Mar Resort on December 3, 2014. The event featured four local charities: American Red Cross, Community Housing Works, Challenged Athletes Foundation: Operation Rebound, and Fresh Start Surgical Gifts. Each guest was invited for their philanthropic as well as business influence in San Diego and Southern California.

All executive guests were given a voucher worth $100 to select which charity McKinney would donate to in their honor. Sponsors for this year’s event included: Sage Executives, Sharp, Sequoia Equity Partners, The Grand Del Mar, and Ferrari Productions.

As the third year for the event, McKinney was looking to maximize the exposure for each charity. The event was “sold out” two months prior with a considerable waitlist for guests to get tickets. The voucher worked as the distraction and entertainment while the guests had the opportunity to meet and mingle with executives and board members from each charity. By the end of the evening guests were excited about giving of time, talent, and treasure.

Wes Armstrong from Full Swing Golf said, “For the past two years the McKinney Holiday party was the catalyst to connect me with dozens of wonderful people and organizations doing important work in San Diego. To me it is the best way to kick off the Holiday Season – McKinney Capital & Advisory embodies all that is good about our San Diego community. McKinney uses their broad reach, influence, and generosity to bring people together to help support organizations that do good work for people in need throughout the year.”

Damian McKinney, Founder and CEO, of McKinney Capital & Advisory recalled, “The evening’s success is measured year round. I receive calls from our guests months later saying they are involved in one of the charities that came or were inspired to join a board of a charity near to their heart. While the event is exciting and always a great time, the true success is what our guests do with their energy to give.”

The maximum value of the evening is not in the vouchers donated; rather in the connections made between guests, charities, board members, and sponsors. McKinney works year round to ensure relationships made that evening are built upon a foundation of servant leadership.

Shari Brasher, CEO of Fresh Start Surgical Gifts explained the evening from the perspective of the charities by saying, “this was the most amazing event ever. It provided not only necessary program funds, but created new corporate connections and a genuine synergy among all the nonprofits.”

McKinney Capital & Advisory looks forward to this event each year. By building partnerships with local nonprofits, decision makers, and business leaders they are able to bring together people motivated to give back to their community. Marking the end of one year and looking forward to the next, there is truly nothing else like this event happening elsewhere.

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