McKinney Hosts 2nd Annual Charity Event Benefiting 4 Local Charities and Pledging over $10,000 in Donations

The energy in the room was exciting and a buzz about donations, participation on boards, and how the guests could inspire more corporate social responsibility

SAN DIEGO, CA | Dec. 09 /CSRwire/ – McKinney Capital & Advisory hosted their 2nd Annual Holiday Charity Event, an invite-only charity networking event at the Grand Del Mar Resort on December 4, 2013. The event featured four local charities focusing on health and wellbeing: Foundation Fighting Blindness, Vista Community Clinic, San Diego Center for Children and Rady Children’s Hospital. Each guest was invited for their philanthropic as well as business influence and all guests were given a voucher worth $100 to select which charity McKinney would donate to in their honor.

Sponsors for this year’s event included: Wells Fargo, Sage Executives, McKenna Long & Aldridge, Allenbrooke Insurance, Pacific Medical Buildings, the Grand Del Mar and Ferrari Productions who created a video featuring all four charities.

This is the second year in a row in which McKinney hosted a networking evening to benefit local charities. While the voucher is important, the charities also have the opportunity to tell their story to top decision makers of San Diego, individuals the charity’s CEOs might not have had the opportunity to meet, recruit as board members and spread awareness of their impact in the community.

The energy in the room was exciting and a buzz about donations, participation on boards, and how the guests could inspire more corporate social responsibility. The evening was centered around the charities and their impact on caring for the most vulnerable of our community through groundbreaking medical research, clinics, children’s physical and mental health, as well as educational outreach programs.

Damian McKinney, President and CEO of McKinney, “The evening was a success for me because I spoke with so many people who were encouraged to increase their companies’ partnerships with charities and like-minded companies in our community. The success of the evening will continue weeks or months from now when someone makes an introduction or remembers these charities’ missions.”

Fernando M. Sanudo, CEO of Vista Community Clinic recalled the evening, “ I met a lot of great people and it was very stimulating to be able to describe the clinic and what we do for those individuals that had no idea what type of services we provide. It isn’t very often that non-profits have the opportunity to interact with individuals outside of our field, so what you did last night was magical! Several participants came up to me after the showing of the video and wanted to know more about David [one of their beneficiaries]. They said that the video was very impactful and shocking at the same time. One gentleman said to me, ‘I don’t know anything about your clinic but if these are the types of individuals you serve, I’m happy to give my money voucher to your organization.’”

Dave McCaslin, CEO of San Diego Center for Children said, “What a privilege it was for the San Diego Center for Children to be included in this event. It was a wonderful evening, offering such a unique philanthropic opportunity, both for the guests and participating non-profits. We are so grateful for partners in our community like McKinney who continue to improve the lives of the children we serve.”

As a company we have the opportunity to give back but we also have the responsibility to help others beyond check writing. We have the opportunity to leverage our business relationships for good, showcasing these organizations and the work that they do while inspiring others to be more involved in giving of their time, talent and treasure. McKinney focuses on giving back as a platform for all our work. With the motivation of the more success we have financially the more responsibility we have to give back to those in need. The event is focused on celebrating a successful year while looking forward to another built on partnership and philanthropy.

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