McKinney CEO Damian McKinney’s Recommended Reading List

Damian McKinney, President and CEO of McKinney Capital & Advisory, pulls from diverse influences when planning his investment and business strategies.

Helping to shape a presidential campaign, managing high profile public relation matters, and flying thousands of hours in military aircraft may not seem intertwined at first. Damian McKinney, President and CEO of McKinney Capital & Advisory, pulls from diverse influences like these when planning his investment and business strategies.

Peak Performance under Pressure by Bill Driscoll is one of Mr. McKinney’s most recommended books. It details, from the perspective of a former Navy Ace, how top pilots deal with the intense pressure and anxiety of flying combat missions and how to transform those techniques into useful business tools. “Peak Performance” teaches readers how to face “their toughest jobs” and be more successful than they ever thought possible. Using this type of mentality, Mr. McKinney has created investment opportunities and solved complex real estate problems for corporate and non-profit clients for over 30 years.

Mark DeMoss, author of The Little Red Book of Wisdom, served has a senior advisor for both of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaigns. DeMoss approaches his public relations challenges from a Christian background, allowing his faith to inform his business practices. Since 1991, when DeMoss founded his PR firm, the company has grown to be a leader in the industry, but has never wavered in its commitment to core Christian values. DeMoss has repeatedly shown that he is an expert in crisis management and media relations, both secular and religious. Mr. McKinney shares this vision and has expressed it through the Corporate Social Responsibility programs he has overseen at McKinney.

Even in the high-pressure industries of capital investing and real estate development, McKinney Capital & Advisory has established themselves as leaders in making a positive community impact. McKinney prides themselves on partnering with charitable organizations and the time that employees spend volunteering to help with issues that they find particularly important. Along with helping other great organizations succeed, these activities continue to motivate McKinney to achieve even more success through a compassionate approach to business.

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