McKinney Hosts Healthcare Companies and Nonprofits for its 1st Pitch and Partner Event

In order to best understand healthcare (the pulse of San Diego) and how we as a community can do better we need to hear the entire story.

SAN DIEGO, CA | Oct. 17 /CSRwire/ – McKinney Capital & Advisory organized an exclusive “Pitch & Partner” healthcare networking event focused on collaboration between healthcare companies and nonprofits in San Diego on October 16, 2013. All participants were invited to bring a “Pitch” and ask where or how other organizations could contribute to their mission of serving San Diego through healthcare. Following the presentations, participants stayed to network and collaborate, “& Partner.”

The event came about from a roundtable discussion on healthcare changes at The San Diego Daily Transcript, who also helped coordinate the follow-up event. The San Diego Center for Children hosted and March of Dimes helped to invite collaborators in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. McKinney Capital & Advisory represents healthcare nonprofits, Fortune 500 Companies, and private physicians and is uniquely positioned to bring them all together for the purpose of serving San Diego through healthcare.

In order to best understand healthcare (the pulse of San Diego) and how we as a community can do better we need to hear the entire story – meaning we need to hear what programs are available to plug into the companies touch points or where nonprofits can help with the effects of changing healthcare. This innovative event was about leveraging resources of existing expertise with the wants and needs of organizations’ to making a difference in serving San Diego Healthcare.

McKinney focuses on the community as well as the bottom-line of their clients, often this can mean the same thing. “Everyone brings a skill or valuable contribution to the table. There is an invisible border between nonprofits and for-profits in the same industry. We can bridge the gap by taking advantage of the existing value-add of each organization and forming partnerships” says Rachel McKinney, CSR Coordinator for McKinney Capital & Advisory.

The energy in the room was contagious. All participants were tasked with one or two ways of connecting and building relationships. The mood was collaborative, encouraging, and full of celebrating success. We are now poised to continue the conversation, introductions, and joint success.

Participants included American Lung Association in CA, Anthem Blue Cross, Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank, Emilio Nares Foundation, Health Savings Associates, Encompass Family Medical Group, Mental Health Systems, mHealthSys, Inc., Rady Children’s Hospital, and Vista Community Clinic. There were also about a half dozen organizations in the audience who came to network and collaborate as well.

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