Work Is Where the Heart Is

Nearly 40 percent of survey respondents named their co-workers as the top reason they love working for their company

Last Friday, we were able to leave work early and indulge in a team bowling party. We invited our loved ones and friends and met at the bowling alley for a night of camaraderie and fun. I had such an amazing time with my coworkers, their families, and my own family. It made me think about how much time I really spend with my colleagues and what that time means to me. I realized that some weeks I am spending more time with my coworkers than I am with my friends and family outside of work.

As we all go about the hustle and bustle of life, we try so hard to embody the elusive “work-life balance”. I have yet to find it, so if you do, please feel free to share. I did however realize that the “balance” doesn’t need to be as extreme as I originally thought. I think many of us have grown accustomed to getting to work, keeping our heads down, doing exactly what is expected of us, and not straying from the perception of the norm that has been placed in the workplace. I personally think this can lead to discomfort, a sense of isolation, stress, and discontentment ultimately leading to unproductivity and jumping from job to job searching for the “next best thing”.

McKinney Capital & Advisory has a different “norm”. Lori McKinney, CFO, told me the other day that, “McKinney Capital & Advisory was named McKinney because we wanted to embody the McKinney family culture, values, and sense of family.” Damian and Lori McKinney are constantly praising teamwork, encouraging employee friendships, and bringing us all together as a family. I can’t even begin to explain what a joy and relief being in a working environment like this is.

According to Virgin Pulse’s new “Labor of Love Report”, “Nearly 40 percent of survey respondents named their co-workers as the top reason they love working for their company, with 66 percent saying those positive relationships increased their productivity and 55 percent saying they helped mitigate their on-the-job stress levels.”

By giving the sense of support, love, and family, McKinney is more effective and productive. I know for a fact that I have not once felt dissatisfied with my job and I believe it is the core value of family that has been instilled in each and every employee here at McKinney.

I would like to challenge other companies to have the same ideals and make the working world a better place.

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